Honduras Missions🇭🇳

Who They Are

The people of Yoro, Honduras are mainly of the Catholic belief, meaning that they have not experienced the saving power of Jesus Christ. When evangelizing, it must be stressed that the only way to eternal life is trusting in Christ and what He did for all people on the cross (Ephesians 2:8-9). Iglesia Bautista Manantial de Vida ("Spring of Life Baptist Church") is situated on top of Mount Pico Pijol which overlooks the city of Subriana.

What We Do

In Yoro, Honduras we partner with our church plant, Iglesia Bautista Manantial de Vida, which translates to "Spring of Life Baptist Church".  We will be working alongside the church members doing evangelism, strengthening the faithful church members, teaching how to go about discipleship, and even building simple structures such as a pavilion and a bathroom.

What To Expect

During this trip, you will be staying in a mission house and going out each day with translators and church members to share the gospel. In the evening hours, there will be discipleship and teaching in the church to strengthen new believers. Another part of the trip will include building of the pavilion and bathroom at the church.
If you are interested in going to Tanzania, please contact us at 256-831-8854.